Fake Food s specializes in custom manufacturing of artificial food. Fake Food s manufacturers plastic food replica models to your exact needs, using real foods to create faux food models. Using artificial fruit, meats, cheeses and breads, you can create a beautiful long-lasting food display.

Michael Estes, President of Fake Foods with Jim O'Conner, host of TV Food Network's "The Secret Life of ..."., filming a segment on food styling. Michael covers the secret life of making fake foods with a Chef's twist. Be sure to see Fake Foods on the Secret Life of Food Styling.

Join host Marc Summers and Michael Estes, President of Fake Foods as Marc explores the making of Fake Foods. Filming takes place at the Tucson manufacturing plant. Be amazed at the degree of detail and complexity of making fake food. Be sure to watch on the TV Food Network. Unwrapped--the show for everyone who's ever worn a pair of wax lips. TV Food Network

Michael Estes, Pres.
Meet the President of Fake Foods

Michael Estes knows his way around Hollywood and the National Media. He has been the guest of many popular news and television shows like NBC Today, Fox and Friends, CNN, WGN, The Food Network New York, The Secret Life of..., Unwrapped and many more. He is scheduled for two more shows this year. Michael's products can be seen on many Movies, TV shows, Commercials and many popular Theater productions.

YUM! Brands, Inc is the largest restaurant chain in the World with over 33,000 restaurants world wide. Fake Foods is a proud vendor for YUM! Here, Fake Foods created lifelike models of their signature desserts and treats.

A message from the President
At Fake Foods, creation begins with innovative technologies. Our proprietary manufacturing technologies have given us the opportunity to provide you with the most realistic food replicas in our industry. We will continue to develop methods and technologies which allow us to deliver even higher quality product at an affordable price, and delivered to you in a timely manner. I guarantee it!
Fake foods are used in many ways: as props for backgrounds in movies, TV shows, plays, commercials and print ads. They are also used to display lifelike replicas of real foods for restaurants, grocery chains and museums. Ever go to a restaurant and they show you a tray of desserts? Take a good look at them. Don't touch them for they may be real. Using replicas in place of real foods displayed saves money. The next time you watch a commercial, movie or TV show, take notice of the 'food' in the background. Chances are, they're not real.
Fake food is handcrafted from the highest quality materials and carefully hand painted to create a truly realistic look and feel. Our fake food products are made of plastics, using proprietary manufacturing technologies. It is difficult to distinguish between our replicas and the real thing. In fact, we use real food products to create each mold. This is the best way to emulate nature. <Click Here> to find out exactly how fake food replicas are made. Unlike cheap imitations, our replicas can stand up to some harsh treatment...some are even dishwasher safe! Our mission statement is quite simple: Quality Products and First Class Customer Service are #1.


Fake Food's replica products are manufactured using only United States, FDA approved materials for use around foods. All of our fake food products are proudly manufactured in the USA.

High quality fake food, sometimes called: food replicas, artificial foods, imitation foods, faux foods, or even some great names like wax foods, rubber foods or plastic foods, all have one thing in common, the use in displays and creating an eye appealing scene.

Over the years, our technology driven staff have been developing products that are new and innovative to our industry.

We make every effort to offer you the best price for the best quality. We make every effort to provide the highest quality service; delivering orders on time, packaged with care.

Need a Custom Product made quickly? With our rapid prototyping and quick delivery system, you can expect a turn around in 7-14 days from the time with get all the necessary materials from you. We can manufacture more than replica foods. No matter what your needs are, we can do your custom molding and rapid prototyping in no time. Faster times are negotiable.

If you need a quality piece, custom manufactured with high definition and characteristics, delivered in the fastest possible time frame, we are your company of choice. <Click Here> for more information on creating your own custom Fake Food.

This is the real one. Or is it? This is the Replica. Or is it? Click here to find out.

Which one of the potatoes is the real one? Scroll over the pictures to find out.


We provide the highest quality, service and the fastest delivery available in the industry today and every product carries a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee †. We only ship to the US States. Our Minimum Stock Order is $ 100.00 which you can purchase On-line. Our Minimum Custom order is $500.00.

We are proud to be selected as the preferred manufacturer for the largest restaurant chain in the World, YUM! Brands, Inc..

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